The Top 5 Comedy Clubs in NYC for 2023

Comedy has been an integral part of human history and social development for centuries now. Manhattan, along with Los Angeles, are well known for having the best comedy clubs and giving birth to the best talent that’s been in the business.

Below are the results of our quarterly 2023 survey to bring you the Top 5 Rated Comedy Clubs in NYC!

1.The Comedy Shop


“The Comedy Shop: Where the Laughs Are Always in Stock”

The Comedy Shop in Greenwich Village is a charming comedy club situated on Bleecker Street, just around the corner from Washington Square Park. The club’s intimate atmosphere sets it apart from other comedy venues, making it an ideal spot for a romantic night out. Guests can enjoy delicious food and drinks from their sister restaurant, Ways & Means, and the club also offers a wide selection of non-alcoholic beverages for those who prefer to abstain. If you find yourself in downtown Manhattan, be sure to stop by the Comedy Shop and enjoy a good laugh with some of the best comedians in New York City, all while being served by their friendly staff.

2. The Comedy Cellar


“Hidden Laughs Underground”

Delve into the depths of The Comedy Cellar and unearth a treasure trove of hilarity. This cozy, subterranean spot is known for its surprise celebrity appearances and a lineup of top-notch comedians. While the low ceilings may leave taller patrons feeling a bit cramped, the high-quality humor more than makes up for any minor inconveniences. Just don’t forget to bring a helmet for the occasional low-hanging joke.

3. The Stand
“A Standing Ovation for The Stand”

Looking for a night of laughs with a side of delicious food? The Stand is your spot. The comedy is as tasty as their nachos, which says a lot. While the venue may be a bit small and the drink prices somewhat steep, the laughs are well worth it. Come for the humor, stay for the food, and leave with a smile on your face and a little less money in your wallet.

4. Westside Comedy
“Westside Story: When the Comedians Are the Real Jets and Sharks”

Westside Comedy may not be the cream of the crop when it comes to comedy clubs, but it still has its fair share of laughs. You can expect a solid lineup of local talent, which occasionally includes a diamond in the rough. The venue has all the charm of an underground speakeasy, but without the illegal booze. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve supported the local comedy scene, but also wondering if your couch and Netflix might have been a better choice.

5. NY Comedy Club
“NY Comedy Club: The Comedy Equivalent of Rush Hour Traffic”

NY Comedy Club may be the perfect place for those who enjoy a slow drip of humor. The comedians here don’t always hit the mark, but their persistence is commendable. With its classic dive bar feel, you can sip on a reasonably priced drink while the comedians try their best to make you laugh. If you’re looking for a night out that’s low on expectations and high on cheap beer, NY Comedy Club is the place for you.